Wireless Solutions

We are experts in wireless networking in the home and at businesses all across the globe and have successfully designed and implemented countless solutions for our clients.  No client is too big or too small!

Home Users

With the prevalence of wireless devices in the home, wireless solutions have become a critical part of any modern household.  People not only need reliable internet for all of their devices and computers, wireless is now the backbone of all home automation and AV systems.  This includes systems for audio (Sonos), lighting, shades, garage doors, surveillance cameras, doorbells, etc.  The solutions provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) are very lacking for any modern home.  

We are experts in the field and with a simple visit to your home using our specialized equipment and software, we can quickly determine your best wireless solution.  Using very reasonably priced Wireless Access Points, we put in a solution that makes your wireless rock-solid and very fast.

Contact us today for a free consultation in your home and see how much better we can make your wireless setup!


Wireless technology comes in many forms for a business.  We have installed custom microwave solutions that can send a signal 15kms.  We have also setup central Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers to manage Aironet Access Points all over the globe.  We have also setup simple Ubiquiti Access Points for small environements.  We utilize solutions from Cisco and Ubiquiti to give you the best possible wireless solution for your needs.  So whether you are a large or small business, contact us today for one of our customized solutions.

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