Web Filtering

Theses days, having a basic firewall at your perimeter is not an effective solution for combating malware.  Criminals have become more and more savvy which has led to more complex systems to defend against their attacks.  A simple web filter at the perimeter of your network is a very effective means of defense.

We have worked with many technologies in this area including:

  • Barracuda Web Filter
  • Cisco WebSense
  • Sonicwall Web Filtering
  • Snort

At it's most basic level, these filters trap all http(s) traffic in and out of your network which is where the majority of attacks originate from.  These filters not only block malicious traffic, they also allow you granular control of sites and services to allow to your employees.  Also, you can run comprehensive reports that give you insight into your users behavior.  All of this adds up to better insight into your network and better protection of its assets.

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